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5-6 October 2018


900 People




The British Academy of Implant& Restorative Dentistry Academy of Laser Dentistry BAIRD
Location : Intercontinental Hotel Dubai Festival City

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5-6 October 2018

The Academy of Laser Dentistry is built on the foundation of educating those in the dental profession who desire to learn and expand their knowledge of the appropriate use of lasers to improve their ability to provide quality care for their patients. The ALD provides a variety of education formats to suit the needs of members and those that may approach the organization for assistance.

The British Academy of Implant & Restorative Dentistry aims to enhance current knowledge and clinical skills in Aesthetic Restorative Dentistry & in Implant Dentistry ensuring functional and long lasting dental care and to bridge the gap between Evidence Based Practice and our day to day clinical practice in restorative and implant dentistry.

Welcome OnBoard
DR. Raminta Mastis

DR. Raminta Mastis

Dear Colleagues,

It is my great pleasure to invite you this inaugural international conference to celebrate 25 years of our Academy of Laser Dentistry. The Academy is founded on an unbiased position in its commitment to oral health through the aid of laser technology.

We welcome participants from all over the world to engage in open and constructive dialogue as we collaborate on changing the way we, as dental professionals, approach practical and relevant treatment options for our patients.

We express our gratitude to BAIRD for working together with the ALD Gulf Chapter to bring this exciting opportunity to Dubai in October 2018.

Through imagination, innovation, and illumination we look to a bright future in dentistry. Together we will explore and delve deeper in our understanding of light and laser interactions with oral tissues with the hope of stimulating the emission of inspiration in each of you.

Let the light shine!

Raminta Mastis, DDS

President-Elect of the Academy of Laser Dentistry

St. Clair Shores, MI USA

Dr. Walid Altayeb

Dr. Walid Altayeb

On behalf of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and the British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry, we would like to invite you to participate in iLED 2018 Conference to be held in InterContinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE from October 5 – 6, 2018.

iLED 2018 will provide a wonderful forum for you to refresh your knowledge base, and illuminate the innovations in modern dentistry which will power your imagination to deliver outstanding results in your daily dental practice. The scientific committee works diligently to prepare excellent scientific sessions with an outstanding group of high profile speakers that will cover four aspects, Implant, Laser, Esthetic, and Digital dentistry. The Conference will strive to offer plenty of networking opportunities to meet and interact with world experts, clinicians, scientists, researchers and colleagues as well as exhibitors.

Dubai -the fourth most visited city in the world-is a global city with an exceptional location for the conference as the gateway between the East and West. The parallel social program will provide participants a networking opportunity, explore unique local culture, combined with a lot of attractions.

We sincerely hope you can join us as partners in this exciting meeting and to gain as much as possible from this joint conference between ALD and BAIRD both scientifically and socially.

We look forward to delivering a memorable and valuable experience for you.

See you in Dubai!

Walid Altayeb DDS, MSD, Phd

General Secretary of the Conference

Dr. Arun Darbar

Dr. Arun Darbar

Dear Friends,

I am truly honoured and delighted to welcome and invite you to join us at our inaugural international conference in Dubai 2018. This is an iconic year for the Academy of Laser Dentistry as we celebrate our 25th year anniversary and continue to selflessly advance and share the knowledge of Laser Dentistry.

Our purpose is to enlighten you with the ever evolving advancements in light treatments that has impacted not only our lives but has taken patient care to the next level. Through Innovation, Illumination and Imagination we hope to make this a memorable meeting and you will take with you something that will excite you and serve the needs of your patients safely and effectively.

We are greatly indebted to BAIRD and the ALD Gulf Chapter for undertaking this monumental task in true International fashion and giving an opportunity to all our colleagues from every corner of the world to come together to share and celebrate the learning pathway of light.

Follow the light!

Inspiration beyond imagination through innovation and illumination!

Dr. Arun Darbar BDS DGDP(UK)

Executive secretary of the Academy of Laser Dentistry

Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire UK.

Dr. Hassan Maghaireh

Dr. Hassan Maghaireh

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


It gives me great pleasure to welcome all delegates, participants, sponsors and exhibitors to the iLED 2018 Conference to be held in Dubai on 5th and 6th October 2018.


This multidisciplinary approach focusing on Implants, Lasers, Aesthetics and Digital technology in dentistry inspired us to reach out beyond borders and bring together top clinical speakers, researchers , practitioners and partners of top industries from all over the world to present the latest advances in dentistry. This meeting will provide you with the opportunity to share ideas and collaborate with top clinicians to strengthen your knowledge and develop your skills on dental implants , laser and aesthetics and thereby improve the oral health of your patients.


Our patients deserve the best regarding their health, smile and self confidence and by attending this congress , we hope that our participants will have a great opportunity to learn and update their knowledge with the most up to date clinical tips and hints in various aspects in clinical dentistry , therefore providing our patients with the deserved high quality clinical treatment in Implant, Laser and Aesthetic Dentistry .


The inaugural BAIRD/ALD International conference committee has provided exciting scientific programme for everyone to enjoy and take part in. In addition to top lectures provided by a group of international speakers, our congress participants will also have the chance to take part in a series of pre-congress hands on clinical workshops.


On behalf of the scientific committee of The British Academy of Implant & Restorative Dentistry “BAIRD”,I would like to invite everyone to participate in the iLED 2018 congress which I promise you will be one of the most exciting international events of dentistry in 2018.


I look forward into welcoming you all in the modern and beautiful Dubai on 5-6th October 2018.


Hassan Maghaireh

Head of Scientific Committee – BAIRD Academy

Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee – iLED 2018 Congress





Dr. Mastis


Dr. Olivi


Dr. Low

D.D.S., M.S., M.Ed.

Dr. Ross

"I am very thankful to have been invited to the 2017 Academy of Laser Dentistry Annual Meeting as a Dr. Eugene M. Seidner scholar. I am humbled to have received the rare opportunity as a student to not only present my research but to also learn about techniques, applications, and equipment in the field of laser dentistry. The ALD family showed us the warmest welcome and guided us in making the trip a huge success. It has been incredible to see how passionate members of ALD are about advancing dentistry for the greater good of our patients and our profession."
Elias Almaz
"I wanted to express my deepest and most sincere gratitude to the ALD for selecting me for the 2017 Dr. Eugene M. Seidner Student Scholarship. It is truly an honor to even be considered for such an award, let alone to be a recipient. The ALD has established such a unique and welcoming environment where the most innovative of laser research meets the newest of clinical applications. For a dental student like myself, the opportunities for learning and growth that the Academy provides are truly indispensable and cannot be matched elsewhere. It is incredible to see just how much the ALD has given to us, and how they seek to continually push our nation’s dental students to the forefront of dental research in laser technology."
Nicholas Montanaro, BS
"The unique, wonderful ALD conference had a big impact on my future clinical life. I learned from cutting edge researchers and clinicians about theories, techniques and clinical cases of lasers in dentistry. I was able experience the latest laser equipment that I cannot use in my country and I also learned how the range of knowledge of lasers has expanded widely. The prestigious Dr. Seidner Student Scholarship was the most honorable and the best way to become an ALD member for foreign students like me."
Masaki Tsubokawa, DDS

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