SVG Protocol
This course will highlight several techniques that facilitate a more esthetic,
functional and predictable result in implant dentistry, starting with extraction.
Discussion will focus on some of the most commonly asked questions in
implant dentistry


-grafting be performed after tooth extraction?
-Which is the best graft materials to use?
-What type of interimprovisional restorations to use in order to minimize tissue loss?
-What is the current research and what diagnostic tools lead to the correct decisionsregarding immediate implant placement versus delayed implant placement.


This course is designed for any clinician managing extraction sites and who
place implants implants and is the first in our series on implant site development
and essential bone grafting. The hands-on portion will focus on minimally
invasive extraction and grafting techniques as well as immediate implant
placement and provisional restoration management.



Learning Objectives:
– Know minimally invasive tooth removal techniques and instrumentation
– Remove broken and difficult teeth with minimal flap
– Various incision and flap designs for optimal end results
– Be able to describe the role of socket grafting
– Literature and indications for grafting
– What to look for in choosing a graft material
– Membranes; The pros and cons
– Techniques for optimal healing and ridge form
– Know how to evaluate different graft materials
– Know how best to manage extraction sites with facial bony defects – “socket repair”
– Learn how to manage the post-extraction sites in order to minimize ridge contour loss
– Understand the pros and cons of immediate versus delayed implant placement
– Be able to describe minimally invasive bone grafting techniques for the compromised implant site

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