John Graeber

Complex Treatment with a Simple Laser

Arun Darbar

Natural Healing – the energy of the future

Salah Huwais

Osseodensification: Optimize the Site – Optimize the Outcome

Gerry Ross

Photobiomodulation- review of 25 years of clinical experience

Robert Oretti 

Management of the labial plate – protocols for predictable outcomes with dental implants

Hassan Maghaireh

Immediate Loading in The Aesthetic Zone

Giovani Olivi

LASER Endodontics using SWEEPS: bringing Endodontics to ”Next Level”

Raminta Mastis

Effective, non-invasive treatment of venous lake lesions with the 940 nm wavelength diode dental laser

Samuel B Low 

Innovative Management of Periodontal and Implant Conditions with Laser technology

Grace Sun

Laser Assisted Smile Design

Kenneth Luk

Depigmentation of the oral soft tissue

Beatrijs Deruyter

The use of FRP Lasers: A necessity in long term periodontal treatment strategy

Manaf Taher Agha

Evidenced based laser dentistry, what is missing?

Gaetano Paolone

Direct esthetic restorations



Thamer Theeb

Aesthetic Rehabilitations, An additive approach

Ehab Heikal

Marketing your LASER services

Cristian Coraini

Aesthetic and modern outcomes in implants and prosthetic restorations: single tooth, sextant, full-arch

Andrea & Alessandro Agnini 

SVG Protocol – an innovative approach for the management of the anterior esthetic area

Ayad Al-Obaidi

Different minimal invasive cosmetic approches

Amir Hadjhamou

Porcelain Veneers Work flow… Predicting the outcome

Shigeyuki Nagai

Laser applications and clinical safety in the Aesthetic dentistry

Walid Altayeb

Esthetic crown lengthening: Flap or Flapless?

Omar Hamadah

Recommendations when using CO2 laser as treatment method to manage Oral premalignant lesions.

Mel Burchman

Using Dental Lasers to Treat the Medically Compromised Patient

Maziar Mir

Home use laser devices potential for future innovative treatments of tooth sensitivity and Pain control

Chris Salierno

Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of Implant Hygienic Complications

Robert Miller
The Use of Lasers in Oral Implantology

Mohamad Issam Koleilat

Use of membrane barriers in implant surgery

Kavit Shah

A comprehensive approach to the predictable restoration and maintenance of dental implants

Rima Abdallah

Laser Assisted Periodontally Accelerated Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Islam Kassem

Facial aesthetics Laser assisted

Dr Nils-Claudius Gellrich

Impact of 3-D-planning on decision making for dento-alveolar reconstruction and protocol set-up from virtual planning to Guided Surgery

Bassam Rabie

Cosmetic and functional stability of implants in the esthetic zone through a microsurgical and macro visual approach.

Edward Kusek

Laser Assisted peri–implantitis treatment

Imad Salloum

Promises of Bone Engineering

Nasim Chiniforush

Antimicrobial Photodynamic therapy with different photosensitizers for root canal disinfection

Nuran Culcuoglu

Healing of Soft and Hard Tissues by Stimulating Stem Cells Using Nd:YAG and Diode Lasers at the Lowest Level

Salwa Ibrahim
Lasers in Pediatric Dentistry: Is it worth it?

Mario Imburgia

Vertical Ceramics: an innovative treatment concept for veneer restorations

Imneet Maden

Dual wavelengths in Pediatric Dentistry

Mina Mazandarani

SEM study of Er,Cr:YSGG and Nd:YAG irradiated root canal walls

Sherin Khalam

Socket Shield Technique: A New Concept of Ridge Preservation

Ivan Chenchev

Implant success rate after trans-alveolar sinus lift with PRF – prospective study of thirty-eight implants.

Mohammad Moaffak Alsayed Hasan

Evaluation of Low-Level Laser Effectiveness in Accelerating Orthodontic Tooth Movement

Sonali Sharma
Clinical evaluation of caries inhibitory potentiality of Aluminium Gallium Arsenide Lasers


Fractional laser , New horizons in Esthetic Dentistry

Ahmed M. Abdullah

Gingival depigmentation with two different wavelengths Er:YAG 2940nm ,Diode 940nm

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