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Call for Abstract

Call for Abstracts

It is our great pleasure to invite you to speak at the inaugural joint The Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) & The British Academy of Implant and Restorative Dentistry (BAIRD) International conference an extension of ALD’s 25th year anniversary on October 5th - 6th  2018 in Dubai -UAE. ALD and BAIRD are founded on an unbiased and independent ethos in its commitment to the standard of oral health through continuing  dental education.

We welcome worldwide participants to engage in an open and constructive dialogue as we collaborate on changing the way we, as dental professionals, approach practical and relevant treatment options for our patients.

This is a conference with a multidisciplinary approach focusing on Implants, Lasers, Esthetics and Digital technology in dentistry (iLED) - today and beyond! Our aim is to work with open minded intellectuals to share knowledge, experiences and thoughts in various disciplines and inspire colleagues to the next level, for the ultimate in the standard of care, health and well- being of our patients worldwide. Our conference theme is Inspiration beyond Imagination through Innovation  and Illumination!

 Abstract submitters and presenters must be one of the following: clinicians, educators, researchers or master’s level students. An individual may submit only one abstract (Oral presentation) and /or may submit only one poster presentation at the meeting. Presenters do not have to be a member of the ALD/BAIRD. All presenters of accepted abstracts are expected to register for and attend the meeting. If an emergency arises and the presenter is unable to attend, the presenter must notify the conference scientific committee in writing prior to the meeting that they are withdrawing the abstract. All notices should be emailed to

Authors are asked to refer to the abstract preparation guidelines below. All abstracts must be submitted via the web using the online application Form. Deadline for submission of abstracts is Thursday, April 26, 2018. Notification to the authors of accepted, provisionally accepted or rejected abstracts will be made by Thursday, May 3, 2018. Presentations of accepted abstracts must reflect the abstract’s content.

We appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Guidelines for the Preparation of Abstracts

All abstracts must be received by May 24, 2018 , We encourage you to submit early to ensure prompt processing. Abstracts will be selected on the basis of the scientific quality of the work as judged from the abstract. Original work is required, such as clinical proficiency, systematic reviews, professional innovations or new research.

1. Please read all instructions before typing the abstract on the electronic form.

2. The word maximum of the abstract is 300.

3. The abstract must be single-spaced. Include a double space between each paragraph. Use a narrative text, and do not include any graphs, tables, or references. 

4. Abstracts MUST be submitted using the iLED2018 Application Form.

5. Presentations of accepted abstracts must reflect the abstract’s content. 

6. All presenters for the Poster Session must register for the meeting at the appropriate registration fee.


I agree to the following statements

1- I will obtain written permission from any respective copyright owners for the use of any text, images, photographs, tables, diagrams or other material accompanying the abstract that have been previously published or that others have a copyright or other proprietary interest in. I agree that it is my responsibility to pay any fees charged for such permissions.

2- I confirm that publication of the abstract, including all text, images, photographs, illustrations, tables and diagrams accompanying or forming part of the abstract, by Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD)/ British Academy of implant and restorative Dentistry (BAIRD) will not violate any copyright or other intellectual property right or any right of privacy or publicity of any person or entity, is not otherwise contrary to law and that the abstract and all accompanying material are not libelous

3- I confirm that any potential conflicts of interest were disclosed to the ALD /BAIRD at the time the abstract was submitted.

4- If selected to present at the annual meeting I confirm my intent to present and pay registration fees.

5- I will disclose any commercial affiliations.

First Name


Provide primary presenter biography in narrative form AND 3 main points from your narrative.  your biography in the following formats:


 Main Points

Please select your submission type


Provide a session description that will be appear in the program guide:
Select the Track Preference most appropriate for your abstract (at least one is required). Note: The Program Committee reserves the right to move an abstract to a different abstract session without notifying the author(s).


If accepted to present I confirm my consent to have my presentation recorded.


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